Mediation Services

Waddell Raponi is committed to offering our clients simpler, faster and less expensive resolutions to their disputes.

Our lawyers are experienced as mediators, arbitrators, and as legal counsel to parties participating in mediation and arbitration. Our most senior litigator, John Waddell, Q.C., is an experienced arbitrator who is a former chair of the appeal panels under the Criminal Records Review Act. He designed the appeal process under the Act and has developed arbitration agreements to individualize the needs of specific disputes. Mr. Waddell is also familiar with the process set out under the Commercial Arbitration Act and has sat as both a sole arbitrator and a chair of three member arbitration panels.

Mr. Waddell has mediated civil disputes since 1997 in all areas of law outside of family matters. His skills are utilized throughout British Columbia.

Eugene Raponi, Q.C., our senior family lawyer, is also a family law mediator and has been mediating disputes since 1994. He has experience in various forms of family mediation, including lawyer-assisted mediation. We conduct mediations or arbitrations on both a flat fee, and an hourly rate basis.